Matt Hwang is Interviewed by Napolean Hill at 10 Berkery Place, Alpine , New Jersey

Its very evident that Matt Hwang is a very successful Entrepreneur , Napoleon writes.

So Napolean Hill asks, How did you Move into This Magnificent 6 Bedroom Estate

Your Family must feel so Lucky to be Living a Life Daily with Liberty .

Napolean tells Matt that This Heated pool Looks Amazing and beautiful.

Matt explains to Napolean that having a Nice Heated Pool was a Big Dream because

My 3 young daughters, Chelsea, Elizabeth, and Caroline always chattered having a pool all the time, so It was such a Loving feeling once we moved right in here.

It became our Humble Home. Total peace of Mind for my Family to relax together and we have such great memories with my 3 daughters and my new friends and business partners as well.

Napolean asks matt again, How do you really Like the Pool ?

Matt Tells Napolean, that he meditates Daily in the Jacuzzi and when he is swimming and sees the ripples he knows he is in Flow with his Life, Living in the NOW! What an amazing feeling !!Totally blessed man.

So Napoleans asks Matt hwang, Whats your story ?

Matt explains to Napolean Hill that he took this course. In the course I was told to read ” The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino and to concentrate on the 10 scrolls in the book. We were to focus only on 1 scroll at a time for 30 Days.

Matt tells Napolean that It was a bit weird and strange at first because How can we change our externals by Reading a Book, especially a few pages a day ..Hmmm..

But , nonetheless. I was super Curious to see if it would change my Life . But with 40 years of accumulated Habits that program our minds , I knew it would be no easy Task. But I wanted to change my old Blueprint and needed to change it .

I mean, I love my parents and family and friends but they could not help me, I had to help myself. Most People are Asleep and they do not even realize it! I sure did not until I joined this Course.(MKE)

The funny thing is I told Napolean that I read “The Secret ” and it was a fun book and that’s about it. There was no real substance to the book or any other Law of attraction book or Idea.

So I decided to follow the principles and at first I did not put in 100%

But I soon realized that in order for the principles to work that I had to do the Work!!

I made a decision to put into it 100 % . So Napolean ask Matt Did you see any Improvement right away as you took this Famous MKE Course ?

At First, It was not right away but definitely Matt said his habits were getting better.

Also by doing the Sit , 15 minute meditations as time progressed his Clarity in his mind was getting more clear, day by day, as he practiced non thoughts while sitting still.

Because we must control our Body first then we can control our mind. So with practice and repetition , matt tells Napolean Hill that he did see great results in his Mind and thoughts. Its sad to see Most of the World living day by day Like robots and they do not even see it . Matt mentions that he was to practice good habits and make it my slave , and by doing this results in becoming successful .

We also did some amazing stuff with Index Cards and we Linked it to Chores/services that we were told to do by a certain date. All these things matt accomplished and it felt Great winning again . Matts subconscious mind started to accept these New ideas and started to create a New Blueprint with amazing feelings attached to the services rendered. As we were taught, Once the Subconscious accept it as Fact , then we are effortlessly able to achieve our definite Chief aim in Life!

Napolean Hill asks Matt hwang, Really matt how did you acquire the Magnificent 6 bedroom Estate and that Beautiful White Bentley Convertible in your Grand 600 foot Circular Driveway ?

Matt hwang tells Napolean Absolutely ,

Most People FOCUS on the externals of what they see, the matter but what Matt needed to do was the Exact Opposite of everybody else. Matt tell napoleon we were taught to go within, inside Your Mind. That was the first Key, to know exactly what I wanted to do with my Life !!

So thats what Mat did and he found his purpose .

Then with repetition had to Link it all together. Once the mysterious source understands exactly what I desire. The subconscious had its 40 billion armies working for my DMP and thats what it exactly did. I can surely say that it was a lot of Work in the beginning but It became Effortless as I became In the Zone or Flow.

Once Matt had Total FAITH in Himself and his DMP, Matt Mentions to Napolean that his Company Pays for this beautiful White Bentley convertible, every single month like clockwork, Its real amazing to hear that engine Roar, You can smell success and the power and confidence of Liberty and Legacy , Napolean Hill Agrees !!!

Can you believe it , Matt Tells Napolean Hill. This all started as Thought vibration in my mind. Matt just had to be aware of his own power to see with FAITH and then his dreams became more clear every single day with repetition , the subconscious started to become my Slave as Matt learned to teach and tame the subconscious .

And Boy does it Deliver !!

This is a Miracle, Matt tells Napolean Hill.

Matt tells Napolean that 2017 to 2018 was a tough year, Matt lost his business after being self employed for over 25 years making amazing Income, Plus ended up getting Divorced and was a six figure earner his First year in Networking business as well but gave that to his ex wife and she gave Matt Full custody of his 3 young daughters . Also right after Divorce , Matt thought he had cancerous Tumor, with Gods Help that tumor was not cancerous but the Doctor said that he must get it removed but the problem was it was touching many nerve cells in my facial and neck areas. With Gods help again got the non cancerous tissue removed from his neck/face area . Matt tells Napolean it was very tough indeed when he was just looking externally but He so wanted to be a great success again in Networking business. Matt decided to go within himself to re discover his power and because he was able to clear his path from internal to external, without a doubt , He can teach anyone with adversity or desire for change to achieve their desires as well, If they are willing to do the Work . Thats the secret, to know Thy self and be true to yourself First then can you finally help others.