Week 24 Master Keys ( Last Chapter ) The Start of a New Beginning !!

This week is the Last Day of our Class. The commencement , For many it is used as the Last day of graduating but For us We know it as the New Beginning .

We learned that we are all connected somehow and this is a Great Idea or Thought .

I have learned that My Spirit is the highest form not the Body. Without my spirit my body is meaningless. Therefore my thoughts are spiritual in Nature.

When my spirits are in perfect Harmony with the Universe, Law of nature takes form and

I can attain any of my desires by going within myself and sitting in Silence daily and becoming more in tune of my thought vibrations . These thought vibrations when I am

in silence are in the Spiritual form and it has the Highest form of Power to reach the Universe

This universe can form me New ideas of thought that is relevant to my Definitive purpose as

I drive it into my Subconscious mind by repeating aloud with emotional feelings that trigger my Heart emotions . The Power of the Heart can move mountains because it purely connected with the Universal Law or Universe.

As long it is positive and does no harm to anybody, the Universe will give back to me in what

I put into it . As long as I see only positive and success consciousness all day in everything the universe gives me what I see and imagine in my mind continuously . As I choose to see myself

winning everyday and see positives in everyone I meet, these positives also reflect the positives in myself. I realized when I was focused on seeing the negative in people that was

a direct mirror towards myself, which I did not realize until taking this Master keys course.

I Now know that If I want to me my beautiful life, as i see it in my visions , I must see it Daily in the lives of others , no matter what! I see myself being the person I intend to become everyday, with More Clarity and sense of feelings, I know that with More Practice I can

achieve any desire that I want in this Life of mine. As we know we can only be positive or negative or see failures all day or see the wins all day long but I must Choose.

The fact that I have the Power to choose is so amazing and it feels wonderful that I can be

the observer and choose what I decide to feel for myself on a daily basis. This course came into my life during the Most perfect timing !! As we see so many people in Fear and sorrow

and loss and chaos due to the situation , My mind and spirit has been blessed by taking this course, so my Spirits are elevated and I Know I can help others see a better version of themselves and that’s what I intend to do and service others in times of need to help them

have more Hope and courage in believing in their higher spirit and help them realize they have a Power mind and they can choose to have freedom of thought and live a Blessed life with less stress and less worries by focusing only on the Best things in lIfe .

This course has been very liberating for me. Before this course I was not able to see the Hope of a better future after my Divorce, But I know I have the Power to start a new Beautiful Life!

Life is wonderful ..Thanks to the Universe Truly Setbacks are Really opportunities in disguise

Week 23 – Law of Success is Service

After This week I realized That Fear is the biggest blockage for me and the Many .

We have been programmed that Failure is Bad so Many of us just walk away from even

trying to Dream . People rather live a Mediocre Life as Society programmed us into

believing , because it is the Safe was to live our lives . No grown Adults wants to be rejected

not knowing what their outcome will be. So we Linger unto this Fear and block our passions

Its a lot easier to not think and observe about our situations. But we at the end will be more

filled with heartache and tears for not pursuing and taking actions.

Fear is definitely the greatest obstacle as Haanel States, So we must Focus our attention

to money or success consciousness , As we Focus the concentration on winning with

our daily habits.. Eventually what we Focus on Grows, If I choose to focus on all my

successes during the day, and observe all other success I build a New blueprint in my

thoughts as well. This New Habit triggers more of a success and money consciouness

to fulfill our Desires. This is the Law of growth !!!

As We perform more services , without the need to get back from people anything

in return, The Law of compensation provides the outlets in fulfilling our desires.

We can be a total money magnet but we must be able to provide authentic

service for others and help them make the money they desire and we automatically

see successes . We also know that thoughts are of higher spiritual plane so as we

Focus in the world within , As we do our sits, in silence our thoughts are creative

minds and we become one with the Universal mind and the journey becomes Effortless.

For most they would rather live 20, 30 40 years of focusing on fears, worrying, debts, paying

bills, etc… This is hard work .. By focusing and being a better observer.. One can Focus All

their attention on their success’s and as if Everything is a Miracle and Practice it Daily .

Then we get what we want easily and effortlessly ! We must have the will to Focus on

winning, success and doing the actions . Never focus on the other !

What we Focus on will continue to grow and the Whole is greater than the sum of the parts !

I really enjoy becoming a better observer and learning How to concentrate in the Present !

I am more Confident daily as I do my Sits, practicing my Skills, Listening to my recordings in

own Voices, reading My DMP ! With total Enthusiasm , I create my New reality Everyday and

its a wonderful feeling .

Master Keys- Week 22 For me to Reach the Other side of the Bridge I must Act upon my Thoughts !!

We Learned from the Webinar that Society , Influencers attack us when we are young and very vulnerable. We have no defense from what the schools Teach us . Just like Mark taught us about the ” Red Pencil Syndrome ” . This is pretty Sad but True , So many people and Society are just so Focused on the Negatives and We are all taught this in schools and by our Parents.

I really never realized this until I decided to take This Course. I had No expectations when I started this Course except that I Trusted Mark and Davene from their previous courses I had taken with them on Go90grow and Think and Grow Rich.

I have Taken over 20 plus courses in the Last 2 years as I got Divorced , My Business went down South , My life was really going backwards. As I was taking this course , even though sometimes I was a little late getting the Work done and sometimes I missed many Homework

assignments . But I still continued to do my Best . It was definitely not Easy but at the Same time This was New and Fun for me , Why ? because I was Truly getting to know myself better and at the same time improving the quality of my life , Little by Little .

Before when things would go Awry, I would think negative thoughts like Most people in the World. Because that is how my mind was programmed by watching movies, tv etc

I know the Subconscious mind is Super Powerful, It has this powerful programming beyond our control . So by taking this course I finally realize that I can Now Learn to better influence my thoughts and feelings which in turn will help shape my subconscious mind to work for me not the other way around.

I also took this course to better control my thoughts and emotions and I must say I feel

Fantastic about the results. As the days go by , with New each day.. I am more confident

in myself , Why ? Because I know that I have the ability to get what I desire. I was before just Action Taker, taking Massive action. It worked for a bit but My business never grew the right way. I know the right state of mind and these New principles that existed but I never Knew about. So I know that principles endure a Lifetime not trends or fashions.

I also did not have a definite plan to Work my actions but I know for sure what Plans to act on. I am really understanding how powerful the Sitting is in Silence .

This Power is something I would have never found by chasing the externals of my perceptions on what it means to be a successful business person. By going within , little by little , which I did in the Past but I was not guided with proper direction plus I did’t have

All These wonderful tools , like the Flash cards, The DMP, guy in glass, attaching feelings and Enthusiasm and my voice recordings .

It was amazing to further my knowledge in this Class with using my anger, fear, worry, guilt fear , unworthiness and Now Having a choice to Re-leash the Power into positive vibrations

That can help me do my Actions in a effortless way. I really have to be in Gratitude because somehow after my Searchings I found my Way to Find Mark and Davenes and the wonderful Guides in these courses. The only thing I can say Right now is “Arigato” which means

“thank you ” in Japanese. Thank you !! I am Blessed Daily

Master Keys Week 21 Everything is a Miracle !!

This Webinar was Awesome ! Made me realize that Miracles are Truly everywhere if we choose to see them . Before I would just live my life without observing my thoughts and feelings. Its definitely True what we perceive it our True Reality .

I am understanding This Inner Power in myself as This course is about to finish up in a few weeks . I also Have the Confidence to Truly control my thoughts and emotions and a Way

higher plane. This Spiritual plane is much more powerful than the physical plane so I know Now that my Internal visions and thoughts and feelings can really change my circumstances .Why because Universal Law is but of One Law and Truth and If I do the things I was taught in this masterful course I can create my New Reality , Yes with just Thought and Vision . As Einstein put it ” There are 2 ways to live your Life, One as if Nothing is a Miracle. The other is as though Everything is a Miracle ! Its truly wonderful to see Miracles everyday and really brings me Joy .

Having this great mental attitude is my new reality as well. I learned to Focus on the great things in my life, as we know what we Focus on All The time grows.

I reflect Daily now and ask myself , What have I focused on daily throughout my day ! This

observations tells my conscious mind what Am I really wanting … I really try to fight watching bad, negative News on social media and tv but sometimes I still have a hard time with this, as we know our Mind and body mechanism naturally is always in survival mode. But I know this and I know that I do not need to see everyday what the ” corona virus is all about, Media has really focused on this disease with exaggerated proportions and I know that the Elite are truly trying to control people by doing this .

I have broken myself from what society is trying to Label us and make us into a Herd of beings that they can control with just media . I know that I have the power to control my emotions and decisions . I will not be scared by Media, I have courage because I make my own right decisions when it comes to anything Now !

Its kind Funny how media can control So Many people these days and basically scare you so Bad that you do not want to travel or leave the House ! They are really taking away peoples Power of thought by even controlling the imaginations of people with these diseases .

I know by repetition of my New Habits , I can change any habit by replacing it with new better ideas. This is so awesome that I can really teach my Brain New tricks .

I always wanted to learn to control my subconscious mind in terms of more favorable conditioning and by taking This amazing course I really have the confidence and ability to do just that if I continue to do the mental Labor and Flash my Cards and become a better Observer of my New amazing beautiful Reality that I see in my mind more than any of the little problems that are in external views . I can change that with my inner workings .

This is definetly a secret because Most people Always looks outside for the answers in which Most people will Never find it because their secret Lies Only within themselves in their Mind and thoughts ! So I continue on my Journey and know My grasp of my future Self is but a short distance .

Master Keys week 20 – Principles of Success are Same and Never Changing !

Its been a while thinking about week 20. I have been fighting my old habits

I also realize that I am in position of my life due to my Habits, Of course one does

not want to believe so but if one knows that the Subconscious mind makes all

the decisions then I am in my situation because my subconscious mind created it

by my daily thoughts and actions . Actually it still very hard to believe so I had to watch

the recordings a few times and Just did not want to write about it and would just

make excuses in my mind not to finish what I started .

I think my recordings of my DMP that I listen too daily have helped my Subconscious mind

stay in focus even though I was still choosing to fight it. I acknowledge that I have not been

doing my SIT’s on a regular basis as well. But my Index cards have saved me to not give up

on my Dmp that I can still achieve my desires. During the webinar, when we were

taught to be a Fox or Hedgehog really Hit me hard.

I know that I was multi tasking too much in my life and Even though I was highly disciplined

I thought , I also realized I had my other side . The mask where I did not want to do the work

needed and just saw the quick way out like in school. I was also trying to learn too much

and master it before putting in the actions . So therefore if I did not put in the actions my

dreams and desire will not fulfill like Most people that study Law of attraction .

The great thing is by still taking this Class seriously I know that once I start taking consistent

actions my Visuals will come into Fruition. I remember when I was young that my Focus was

amazing and I know I can be Laser Focused like a Hedgehog once I decide to go for it.

Thats the beautiful thing about this course, Is that I finally know How to control my thoughts

Little by little I am Mastering my inner self. I know with Confidence I get my Vision board

imaginations in near future by being the Hedgehog and stop trying to be a Know it All

Fox like most people. I am a better Observer of all things due to this course and I also

am getting better controlling my emotions . Things are getting better and better as I visualize

and imagine my beautiful life ! I am truly Grateful for this course .

Master Keys Week 19-I am the Captain of My Ship !

Every one of my Human experiences be it Good or Bad are Just effects . To understand the

deep experiences I had to really Sit and Think of the Mental house I was building .

I realized that my life experiences were derived from the ” Cause ” which is my Mind.

The Mind can play devious tricks on most people without even themselves being aware,

Thats How powerful our Subconscious mind is . Many of us are bombarded all day with ad’s

and Influence from peers and society to what Labels good v.s. Bad !

I also realized that good cannot exist without evil or Vice Versa, but the Power of being

Postive , Good , Loving and Kind can reign over what evil can be.

By constantly controlling my Thought patterns I know I can Achieve in the External World

and create my own ” Effects ” if I can dedicate the Vitality of my Thoughts during the day and

Nights! There is the one constant Principle of the mind, that the mind is eternal but matter

will always be changing , no matter what ! The energy force we all need in the static mind

is to be effective using the vitality of our thoughts that make the Mind most powerful and

Dyamic force it is. We Really can Alter our present situation by Concentrating continously

in our thoughts with feelings on what it is we Desire most to be and want ! Most people forget

to imagine what they truly desire during their day. Most people focus on their problems

as soon as they wake up or before going to sleep they keep focusing on the thoughts from

what they do not desire, which in turn grows weeds in their mind and creates the Fear

based thinking and emotions related to Fear ! Most people are programmed to believe that

you have Power once you get rich or drive the Nice cars because of all the programming

on Tv, movies etc.. I have learned that Money is not Power ! Nice cars or big houses are

not Power as well ! The Power is inside all of us . We just need to re discover it by focusing

on our thoughts . I have learned the Real truth that money is just an Object and that

Money works for me , not the other way around . I am a powerful being ! Whatever I believe

I can achieve it .

Master Keys Week 18 – Letting go of the Banana.

During this week I realized that Most people have a Hard time Letting go of

their past experiences , bad relationships and bad Habits.

While doing some thinking I realized that I was also holding unto the banana,

12 years ago when I got married I would have never thought of getting a Divorce

and could not ever Imagine working for somebody else as well. But few years ago

things in my life changed 360 degrees. I blamed myself a lot for the misfortunes

and started to forget about all of my success as a business man.

By learning from this Course I realized, My New Life can emerge as a New Positive and

beautiful life , Only if I choose too. By reading the index cards on a daily basis, even though

I do get Lazy or forget sometimes ! Its still very powerful Words that I read to myself daily.

These Words are very powerful because I choose to believe it can move Mountains.

I love the fact I can really build a Habit by small repetitions that I am constantly working on

to improve my health and Lifestyle. I remember when I did not know the Law of substitution

I just accepted Everything as Fact. I now know I can change the outer world by me perception

of what I want it to be. I just need to Focus on what I want not on the things I do not want.

Even before when I was successful in business , I truly was never satisfied I was always

trying to get more Goals ( moving the Goal posts ) Therefore I never was satisfied with my

successes. I also use to give Power to people just because they had nice cars and Big houses,

I now know even though I might have lost all my nice cars and houses I Still Have my Power

still in me. I just did not know that the Power was always within me , it was never the monies

or cars that I had. During these few months of Training my mind taking this course, I truly

am Grateful because I definitely Feel more happier , I also feel Confident that I can Reach my

goals or achievements as long as I stay consistent in my purpose. I also use to think I was

a very Positive person but after learning and taking this course I now know why I have

failed in my business beforehand . I am grateful for my Misfortunes and even in gratitude for

my Divorce . I learned to forgive her for the infidelity as Humans are not perfect .

I am very grateful for my 3 beautiful young daughters . Life is wonderful !

Master Keys Week 17teen- Concentration

The average person has no idea of what Real concentration is. Most people all Desire

More and a better lifestyle. Many of us really Wish ” To Have” but We are never able

to really want” To Be It”. I realized myself as in certain situations that I was merely

wishing that’s why it has not into my Reality. By taking this Course I realized that

I have ” To Be that person that I Desire First, In My Mind and imagination .

To think about it for five or ten minutes a day Is Not enough.

My subconscious mind must know and see and feel this Future self 24-7 hours a day in my

thoughts and mental Awareness with No Doubt.

Recently, I was divorced and have Full Custody of my 3 daughters and Had to start a Brand

New Life as a Single Parent. Now my ex wants Custody of my 3 daughters , I realized by

taking this course, If my “ego ” was in the picture I would just want to fight her til the end.

But My older daughter wants to spend more time with her mother , and even though my

Twins are too young to know what they want. I had Full Custody for almost 3 years and

honestly was not the easiest thing taking care of 3 young daughters. I guess its a decision

to let go , I know i will not be able to see my daughters as much but I really do not want too

fight and spend Lawyer fees for this either . But I believe that If I give in I should still able

to see my daughters on the weekends. I know that my eldest daughter want to live with her

mom, I do not want any resistance. Most likely if I fight it I think I can win, but My eldest

daughter might resent me . So at First I was very upset, but taking this Course made me think

this problem and disguise it in a more positive way. I will just walk with Faith in God and

Follow. I told myself that I can still be a great Dad to my daughters on the weekends .

If I did not take this course I probably feel down and angry but I walk with Kindness

and a open Heart, Life is too short to fight . I can find a Peace of mind by Flowing with

this situation and make sure not to let My Lawyer Ego influence my decisions.

No Matter what happens Daily < I always tell myself that my life is amazing every single day

of my life, that I live with joy and abundance ( not just money, but feeling that I am confident

and smart to create a better life in my imagination ) I was also in a financial setback due to

the Divorce but I know soon great things are going to happen in my life because I see it

and talk to myself out loud that I am success and my Life is Freaking amazing !!!

My Perception is my Reality !! So what is your perception of yours ?

Master Keys Week 16 Kindness

This week we were to be single eye focused on this free Virtue of ” Kindness”

It was an amazing sense to be able to see the Kindness in people that we know

and more powerful even seeing it in strangers . By seeing this Virtue in others

on a daily basis for 7 days, it helped me become more aware in what is

going on in my mind and thoughts. Many times I realized I did not see the kindness

in a daily Habit because I was not focused or even aware of it happening daily in my

Life. That is where peoples perception are like. For it is our perception that creates

my Reality, If I always see negative attributes and become influenced by the News and

negative people then my mind becomes like them without myself knowing just

by the environment . So I know How very important it is to not let the News influence my


I knew about single eye focus from personal development and Law of attraction but Nobody

really teaches how to do it by application of it. For the first time by taking this amazing course

I know how to apply my knowledge of this single eye Focus, its very powerful but yet So

Simple of a Method , so simple that Most 95 % of the World will never know what they missed

because its Free, and they were never exposed to the Method of how to Focus with intention.

I know by practicing this Method of focusing on 1 Virtue daily for 7 days, I become the Master

of my thoughts. These powerful thoughts , which have feelings by learning how to create

a Powerful Definitive Major Purpose in continuous action also builds my Belief in what

I want Now to manifest. As I learned these methods in this Master Class I am becoming

a Master of my mind. I never master other people mind, Thats what all the gurus are teaching

by influencing their thoughts and behaviors but I am Way better to notice the disguises

They ALL use to influence the Weak minded. They are weak because they do not have Clarity

and have not been Taught properly that they are Most Powerful , iT lies within themselves

but Most do not see the acres of Diamonds beneath their feet. We can all live in the

beautiful garden of ” EDEN ” Now without dying . But most are not aware of it now !!

Even though I am aware of it, I still must do the Mental work, it takes Discipline and

dedication because Most of the times I just want to be Slothy and just hang out with friends

and drink my beers or just watch some TV, which I still do. I am fighting the TV everyday ..

But I Know that’s what my past wants me to do, watch TV and be Slothy and Live like

everyone in their River of Dreams. But my mental vibrations keep reminding me that I have

my purpose to Fulfill and fight with my past to let my new future self out .

I know for a fact I will get exactly as I desire Now. This desire is super powerful as I read

my Flash cards, My subconscious cannot tell the difference between what I imagine versus

me doing a service or chore during the week or the past successes I did, Thousands of daily

successes . I am 1st class Made by First class . I am thankful to have learned these methods

of learning about my subconscious mind and am learning more about my self as I continue

this journey here. I will continue to Flash my cards with feeling and read my DMP everyday

Til I see my Inside be my outside world.

Week 15 Master Keys – The Shadow within us All.

World wide Music Group Just Released their Trailer form their previous Album Map of Persona to Now ” Shadow” . I feel this is so Relevant to the Master Keys Experience that

I am growing within my mind and thoughts and I do not Think it Coincidence that Music

Group ” BTS ” just Releasing their New Album Soon . After 9 months of ” ARMY ” waiting for

their new Album to be released soon. In the trailer, We see Suga … Become the person he

Dreamed of Becoming . You see the 2 sides of Suga, be the at the Top of the World

But his Shadow talks of him realizing his Fears, They , the group has so much pressures

Even though they are at the top but they are at the same time Lonely and they still

have their fears of what they are still criticized by the opinions of others, even at the Top

of their Game. I realized that even when I might reach the Top of my Game in what my

purpose is that they will still have many haters and people with many different opinions

but knowing this regardless, I must still continue to do what I dream of.

In the webinar Davene mentioned that Fear is also known as excitement . That many of us

Fear our own light from shining . I never thought of that ever. But I reflected and

realized that could have truth to it . I was never the type to want to be a Public speaker

but in the industry in Network you see Most leaders always want to be the speaker.

I also realized by taking this course, that is only a perception that this Industry had made it to

be, it doesn’t have to be necessarily true.

The Shadow represents , Our Fears, our angers and our repressed side but All of us

must go through the processes of growing and understand that we Cannot have one without

the other. Even though the Shadows will always follow we must accept it and embrace it .

Aa we do the Franklin makeover , we Focus on 1 single trait in others that we see

during the week, we also know that these traits like Kindness, Courage, decisiveness etc.

are within us, this happens naturally as we Focus daily for the week . These traits were

always within me , as with many other Resources are within us but we are not aware

of it due to the cement Buddha, the River of dreams.

I am learning the Law of growth , as does ” BTS” by spreading their Music .

Heres a nice little synapses of their new Video Trailer


2nd reaction


The Dream is the small hidden door in the Deepest and most intimate sanctum

of the soul, which opens to that primeval cosmic night that was soul long before

there was conscious ego and will be the soul far beyond what a conscious Ego could ever

reach . – Carl Jung