Week 24 Master Keys ( Last Chapter ) The Start of a New Beginning !!

This week is the Last Day of our Class. The commencement , For many it is used as the Last day of graduating but For us We know it as the New Beginning .

We learned that we are all connected somehow and this is a Great Idea or Thought .

I have learned that My Spirit is the highest form not the Body. Without my spirit my body is meaningless. Therefore my thoughts are spiritual in Nature.

When my spirits are in perfect Harmony with the Universe, Law of nature takes form and

I can attain any of my desires by going within myself and sitting in Silence daily and becoming more in tune of my thought vibrations . These thought vibrations when I am

in silence are in the Spiritual form and it has the Highest form of Power to reach the Universe

This universe can form me New ideas of thought that is relevant to my Definitive purpose as

I drive it into my Subconscious mind by repeating aloud with emotional feelings that trigger my Heart emotions . The Power of the Heart can move mountains because it purely connected with the Universal Law or Universe.

As long it is positive and does no harm to anybody, the Universe will give back to me in what

I put into it . As long as I see only positive and success consciousness all day in everything the universe gives me what I see and imagine in my mind continuously . As I choose to see myself

winning everyday and see positives in everyone I meet, these positives also reflect the positives in myself. I realized when I was focused on seeing the negative in people that was

a direct mirror towards myself, which I did not realize until taking this Master keys course.

I Now know that If I want to me my beautiful life, as i see it in my visions , I must see it Daily in the lives of others , no matter what! I see myself being the person I intend to become everyday, with More Clarity and sense of feelings, I know that with More Practice I can

achieve any desire that I want in this Life of mine. As we know we can only be positive or negative or see failures all day or see the wins all day long but I must Choose.

The fact that I have the Power to choose is so amazing and it feels wonderful that I can be

the observer and choose what I decide to feel for myself on a daily basis. This course came into my life during the Most perfect timing !! As we see so many people in Fear and sorrow

and loss and chaos due to the situation , My mind and spirit has been blessed by taking this course, so my Spirits are elevated and I Know I can help others see a better version of themselves and that’s what I intend to do and service others in times of need to help them

have more Hope and courage in believing in their higher spirit and help them realize they have a Power mind and they can choose to have freedom of thought and live a Blessed life with less stress and less worries by focusing only on the Best things in lIfe .

This course has been very liberating for me. Before this course I was not able to see the Hope of a better future after my Divorce, But I know I have the Power to start a new Beautiful Life!

Life is wonderful ..Thanks to the Universe Truly Setbacks are Really opportunities in disguise

3 thoughts on “Week 24 Master Keys ( Last Chapter ) The Start of a New Beginning !!

  1. I am so happy for you! I can feel your level of happiness and how far you’ve come and I am truly happy for you. I also especially like your emphasis on choice, being at choice, and on seeing the beauty and the beautiful visions of others and that helps you grow into your own fabulous vision as well!


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