Week 23 – Law of Success is Service

After This week I realized That Fear is the biggest blockage for me and the Many .

We have been programmed that Failure is Bad so Many of us just walk away from even

trying to Dream . People rather live a Mediocre Life as Society programmed us into

believing , because it is the Safe was to live our lives . No grown Adults wants to be rejected

not knowing what their outcome will be. So we Linger unto this Fear and block our passions

Its a lot easier to not think and observe about our situations. But we at the end will be more

filled with heartache and tears for not pursuing and taking actions.

Fear is definitely the greatest obstacle as Haanel States, So we must Focus our attention

to money or success consciousness , As we Focus the concentration on winning with

our daily habits.. Eventually what we Focus on Grows, If I choose to focus on all my

successes during the day, and observe all other success I build a New blueprint in my

thoughts as well. This New Habit triggers more of a success and money consciouness

to fulfill our Desires. This is the Law of growth !!!

As We perform more services , without the need to get back from people anything

in return, The Law of compensation provides the outlets in fulfilling our desires.

We can be a total money magnet but we must be able to provide authentic

service for others and help them make the money they desire and we automatically

see successes . We also know that thoughts are of higher spiritual plane so as we

Focus in the world within , As we do our sits, in silence our thoughts are creative

minds and we become one with the Universal mind and the journey becomes Effortless.

For most they would rather live 20, 30 40 years of focusing on fears, worrying, debts, paying

bills, etc… This is hard work .. By focusing and being a better observer.. One can Focus All

their attention on their success’s and as if Everything is a Miracle and Practice it Daily .

Then we get what we want easily and effortlessly ! We must have the will to Focus on

winning, success and doing the actions . Never focus on the other !

What we Focus on will continue to grow and the Whole is greater than the sum of the parts !

I really enjoy becoming a better observer and learning How to concentrate in the Present !

I am more Confident daily as I do my Sits, practicing my Skills, Listening to my recordings in

own Voices, reading My DMP ! With total Enthusiasm , I create my New reality Everyday and

its a wonderful feeling .

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