Master Keys- Week 22 For me to Reach the Other side of the Bridge I must Act upon my Thoughts !!

We Learned from the Webinar that Society , Influencers attack us when we are young and very vulnerable. We have no defense from what the schools Teach us . Just like Mark taught us about the ” Red Pencil Syndrome ” . This is pretty Sad but True , So many people and Society are just so Focused on the Negatives and We are all taught this in schools and by our Parents.

I really never realized this until I decided to take This Course. I had No expectations when I started this Course except that I Trusted Mark and Davene from their previous courses I had taken with them on Go90grow and Think and Grow Rich.

I have Taken over 20 plus courses in the Last 2 years as I got Divorced , My Business went down South , My life was really going backwards. As I was taking this course , even though sometimes I was a little late getting the Work done and sometimes I missed many Homework

assignments . But I still continued to do my Best . It was definitely not Easy but at the Same time This was New and Fun for me , Why ? because I was Truly getting to know myself better and at the same time improving the quality of my life , Little by Little .

Before when things would go Awry, I would think negative thoughts like Most people in the World. Because that is how my mind was programmed by watching movies, tv etc

I know the Subconscious mind is Super Powerful, It has this powerful programming beyond our control . So by taking this course I finally realize that I can Now Learn to better influence my thoughts and feelings which in turn will help shape my subconscious mind to work for me not the other way around.

I also took this course to better control my thoughts and emotions and I must say I feel

Fantastic about the results. As the days go by , with New each day.. I am more confident

in myself , Why ? Because I know that I have the ability to get what I desire. I was before just Action Taker, taking Massive action. It worked for a bit but My business never grew the right way. I know the right state of mind and these New principles that existed but I never Knew about. So I know that principles endure a Lifetime not trends or fashions.

I also did not have a definite plan to Work my actions but I know for sure what Plans to act on. I am really understanding how powerful the Sitting is in Silence .

This Power is something I would have never found by chasing the externals of my perceptions on what it means to be a successful business person. By going within , little by little , which I did in the Past but I was not guided with proper direction plus I did’t have

All These wonderful tools , like the Flash cards, The DMP, guy in glass, attaching feelings and Enthusiasm and my voice recordings .

It was amazing to further my knowledge in this Class with using my anger, fear, worry, guilt fear , unworthiness and Now Having a choice to Re-leash the Power into positive vibrations

That can help me do my Actions in a effortless way. I really have to be in Gratitude because somehow after my Searchings I found my Way to Find Mark and Davenes and the wonderful Guides in these courses. The only thing I can say Right now is “Arigato” which means

“thank you ” in Japanese. Thank you !! I am Blessed Daily

3 thoughts on “Master Keys- Week 22 For me to Reach the Other side of the Bridge I must Act upon my Thoughts !!

  1. Hi Matt , I love the desire , power , and progression of your blog . Keep up the good work on your journey . I am hoping that things will lead to greatness and your will and determination are focused on amazing thoughts and actions


  2. Arigato for sharing your words, your thoughts and your journey with us! I get a sense of how far you have come and I know you are continuing and will keep growing! So happy for you!!!


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