Master Keys Week 21 Everything is a Miracle !!

This Webinar was Awesome ! Made me realize that Miracles are Truly everywhere if we choose to see them . Before I would just live my life without observing my thoughts and feelings. Its definitely True what we perceive it our True Reality .

I am understanding This Inner Power in myself as This course is about to finish up in a few weeks . I also Have the Confidence to Truly control my thoughts and emotions and a Way

higher plane. This Spiritual plane is much more powerful than the physical plane so I know Now that my Internal visions and thoughts and feelings can really change my circumstances .Why because Universal Law is but of One Law and Truth and If I do the things I was taught in this masterful course I can create my New Reality , Yes with just Thought and Vision . As Einstein put it ” There are 2 ways to live your Life, One as if Nothing is a Miracle. The other is as though Everything is a Miracle ! Its truly wonderful to see Miracles everyday and really brings me Joy .

Having this great mental attitude is my new reality as well. I learned to Focus on the great things in my life, as we know what we Focus on All The time grows.

I reflect Daily now and ask myself , What have I focused on daily throughout my day ! This

observations tells my conscious mind what Am I really wanting … I really try to fight watching bad, negative News on social media and tv but sometimes I still have a hard time with this, as we know our Mind and body mechanism naturally is always in survival mode. But I know this and I know that I do not need to see everyday what the ” corona virus is all about, Media has really focused on this disease with exaggerated proportions and I know that the Elite are truly trying to control people by doing this .

I have broken myself from what society is trying to Label us and make us into a Herd of beings that they can control with just media . I know that I have the power to control my emotions and decisions . I will not be scared by Media, I have courage because I make my own right decisions when it comes to anything Now !

Its kind Funny how media can control So Many people these days and basically scare you so Bad that you do not want to travel or leave the House ! They are really taking away peoples Power of thought by even controlling the imaginations of people with these diseases .

I know by repetition of my New Habits , I can change any habit by replacing it with new better ideas. This is so awesome that I can really teach my Brain New tricks .

I always wanted to learn to control my subconscious mind in terms of more favorable conditioning and by taking This amazing course I really have the confidence and ability to do just that if I continue to do the mental Labor and Flash my Cards and become a better Observer of my New amazing beautiful Reality that I see in my mind more than any of the little problems that are in external views . I can change that with my inner workings .

This is definetly a secret because Most people Always looks outside for the answers in which Most people will Never find it because their secret Lies Only within themselves in their Mind and thoughts ! So I continue on my Journey and know My grasp of my future Self is but a short distance .

5 thoughts on “Master Keys Week 21 Everything is a Miracle !!

  1. You are a miracle! You are nature’s greatest miracle! I love how you are teaching your brain new tricks! 😀 Great reminders to continue going inward. The answers are there. God is there. Our true selves are there. Great reminders to not look externally for either validation or direction.

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