This Week had so much going on, especially Linking My DMP with The Shapes and Colors. It definitely was overwhelming experience with so many thoughts racing in my mind. Knowing that we only have 24 hours in a day and not enough waking time to accomplish what i needed to do, But then I told myself to Slow down the process. I realized I control my Thoughts .

So I decided to Slow it up to Speed it up this week. I needed to Single Eye Focus again . As we learned scattered thoughts make us lose Awareness.

We were taught that Most People Live by the Clock! How True this is. I never really knew the True meaning behind this until I started taking this Course.

Most people should Live by the Compass ( their hearts true Desire ) but Most people Live by the Clock! ( The River of Dreams ) !

I remember when I was 7 or 8 growing up that I always wanted to impress my friends by being the person or friend that I thought they wanted to be like so that I would be Liked and I think Most people Live by this. Everybody always tries to Fit into a Group to be accepted. I never Really Voiced My Truth when I was younger .

So its Great that we are really finding and discovering Our Truth and our Power within . My mind or subconscious was a bit hesitant this week because of All the New Linking and tasks that needed to be done. But I had to Focus by slowing myself down.

So I feel its coming together bit by bit, I am starting to hear my voices in my mind again, which I have not heard that voice for a long time and He seems to to wanting to tell me more and guide me towards my enlightenment !

So I have been Following an Amazing Music Group and I recently Found a Amazing speech that They did. It was in 2018 they did a speech for the protection of Youth and End violence within the World.

I feel that This is a Speech that what we are learning in master Keys and Nam Joon speaks Those Words in His Speech to the United Nations.

That he had Lost his Dreams to the River of Dreams….

But One day He heard that Little Voice in his Mind and Started to Find his Power again through his Music .

Most people thought They ” BTS ” were HOPELESS !!!

He mentions, that Many times they Just wanted to QUIT !!

This reminds Myself of all the struggles we go through in our own Lives .

Sometimes I’m tired and cannot do the readings but I tell myself to go even harder than before .

This was the Best quote by RM or Nam Joon says , ” I have come to Love Myself for Who I am, For Who I was , and for Who I Hope to Become !!

These Are Powerful and meaningful Words for me to Hear !! No Wonder why Millions of Fans that are experiencing Hardships in Life are Overcoming their Fears with their Lives by Listening to the Amazing Lyrics and Music by ” BTS”

HE urges us to SPEAK YOURSELF !!

He ask US What is your Name ?

Tell me your Story he says, I want to hear your Voice, I want to Hear your Conviction .

DO It Now !! I can be What I will to be !!!

4 thoughts on “WEEK 6 MASTER KEYS

  1. “Slow it up to speed it up…”–that’s great! It’s counterintuitive that focusing saves more time than multi-tasking and I’m grateful to have learned that!
    Kim Nam Jun’s speech was so incredible–he understands so many of the MKE concepts (river of dreams, the cement we add when we try to fit in other’s molds) and it’s awesome that he is encouraging others to listen to their own voice (subby) and follow their dreams (DMP). I love discovering other self-directed thinkers like this, and every time I do, I want to ask them: did you do the MKE?! Thanks so much for sharing this! 🙂

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  2. WHOA! I had to do the very same thing this week… Slow Myself down, and really Focus on certain things, in order to speed the process of speaking about Myself up. I can Feel that autobiography I’m writing coming to fruition. I’m so Grateful for what we are all learning, together, here in the Masterkeys. Mahalo for sharing this video, as it just brought some serious tears to my eyes, and I AM listening. This is an Excellent post, Matt! YOU are Awesome!

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  3. Nice post!!! Great speech. Yes, so in line with what we’ve been talking about and learning in MKE. Loved the emphasis on learning to be yourself (no cement) and on loving every version of yourself and embracing yourself including all the mistakes and faults. Thanks for sharing, great post!

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