So Where to Begin ..HMM.. When Mark J mentioned ” River of Dreams ” It really made me Confused at First, but when I keep hearing him mention River of Dreams. He is absolutely Right . Til this day I always thought I controlled my decisions and my Life. How wrong I was.. Most of us are All influenced by the Externals… With over 10,000 impressions Daily Its very hard to free our mind from all the ideas that are Thrown to Us buy friends, family, Teachers, News, advertisements..

Of course us being the humans that we are, Our Egos get the best of us.

Recently , I was at my friends place for dinner, and we were having a conversation and he was mentioning that he did not have enough time . They would always be complaining about not making enough money. I was mentioning that we were pre programmed in school to be employees for the Big companies . That ww were living like robots, not having any control of our free will. I could tell he got really offended saying that Rules are in place in Corporate America and that is was a good thing for control , he was telling me, then he said something that was really out there.

He said if you do not follow and listen to rules by the corporation then you become “homeless”, Thats when I was so shocked . This friend , 20 years ago was promoting parties during college to make money on the side, and had the entrepreneur spirit but after he graduated and Got his Job, His dreams are just Gone! I felt really sad for him but Realized that Corporate and other industries need people to be complacent and not Dream . Now I see how we truly live 90% by the subconscious mind and we do not even know it!

Like I said I was shocked… Me personally , I do not think people should be working for a Company for 40 – 50 years and then pass without realizing their dreams.

If your always working then you really have not lived your Life to the fullest by trading your time for Dollars. This chapter , Let Anyone of know that Mind is action, that if we truly Focus on the right thoughts and build it in detail , a solid foundation and keep repeating it to our subconscious mind with enthusiasm , it will direct the flow of energy , and this energy has amazing Power charged with feeling , with repetition and great Habits, subconscious just Believes it and It will help you get what you Want.

This is the law of nature. We cannot cheat the Law of Nature. If we keep telling and speaking the Truth on what my Heart truly wants it gives it to me.

Its totally blissful to know that I am in control Now! I am aware of people that i interact daily with, without judgement .. but Am so Aware that they are really totally being controlled by the accumulated habits and experiences of their last 10-20 years. They cannot change what they do not know and even if i told them They could not even accept it. So I am thinking to myself, How can i freely Help people that I meet from now on with giving free Value without any reciprocity . So many people need to become more Aware of their lives and it is my duty to Wake them up, one by one.

I also learned that indeed that We are the ones that created the Now, the present moment that we live. So I know Now that I can change easily and effortlessly the situation . I just need to Focus on , only the things I Desire and do it Daily with repetition in a certain way. This is calculated and it is a science .

Once I am in Flow, I know what I desire will be effortless and easy. I also realized that the path and road was right in front of me but I chose not to see it because of all the distraction and River of dreams, my Intention was not Fully . My believe is 100 % and it is getting stronger day by day, as I do my sits and Read Aloud my DMP with Enthusiasm , I can almost Taste my deliberate success.

No one can stop me, only Myself !

Thats why I repeat to myself ” I can Make it Right ” ” I can be what I will to be ” as well.

3 thoughts on “BUILDING MY MENTAL HOUSE -WEEK 5 Master Keys

  1. It was really interesting to read about your conversation with your friend. If I was wondering about how I might help others become more aware, I’d take that question into a sit and see what came up! Thank you for sharing your insights from this experience! 🙂

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  2. Love that suggestion to take that question into a sit- great idea. I was thinking that part of it is just doing what you’re doing. Just doing you the best that you can. Just being so into what you are doing- you will influence others and people will ask questions if they are ready for it. I’m thinking about, and remembering that we have to be in a place where we’re ready for this. I have also been shocked by a few things friends have said about how they are more inspired and flowing themselves now, just by observing what I’m doing. That’s awesome! I bet you are influencing so many people that you have no idea about! Maybe this friend, maybe someone else.. … And great noticing during the conversation with your friend. Thanks for sharing!

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